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Frequently Asked Questions

Log into 'Members Area' and click on tab that says, 'Abuse Report' . Please be specific with your comments as to why you believe this user in question is violating site policy.
Not to worry. Simply click on 'Sign In' tab and you will see option to retrieve password or user name.
You will not have option to change the user name after registration. Please choose a name that best identifies you or your business.


Before you finalize a trade please make sure you are comfortable with that member in question and you have history or reference from other members. You can also refer to the users reputation rating. We highly recommend utilizing our mailing and verification service for first time users and high value merchandise. Verified sellers also reduce the risk of fraud.

Unfortunately, once a feedback is recorded it cannot be changed. In the worst case scenario, if the feedback is posted in error, we will need consent to change or delete the feedback by the user that has left the wrongful feedback.
You can open a dispute in ‘Members Area’. We recommend you try to resolve the issue with the member you are in dispute with first before you escalate the process.

You will need to go to 'Members Area' and open dispute. Since you are paying via PayPal, the transaction will be disputed with the payment provider. Please allow minimum 10 days from the date of purchase to file a dispute. We will also try to contact the user to help obtain your money back.

We highly encourage our members to utilize our mailing and verification service to avoid fraud. If you choose not to utilize our mailing and verification service you will not be protected and you will trade your items at your own risk. You may also want to view member feedback for reputation rating. A verified sellers also reduces the risk of Fraud.

Yes, we are a website dedicated to gaming and non-gaming trading cards or collectibles, e.g. comic books, memorabilia, coins, model cars, stamps, action figures, etc. Please use your best judgement, and make sure to utilize the category type when classifying your listing. If we find your listing falls outside of our criteria it will likely be deleted by an admin user.
IWEEZA is an online marketplace that allows users to freely buy, sell and trade items. Our service is built to help facilitate the trading and selling process in a secure way.
Register and start selling away. Please visit our HELP center for step by step instructions.
Register and start Trading away. Please visit our HELP center for step by step instructions.
Please make sure you are selling your merchandise to a 'verified seller' . You can also reference users reputation rating to reduce the risk of fraud. Always make sure you send via tracking and add insurance for items greater than $100 dollars.
Once a trade is complete, you, the member will have the option to send your item for verification to IWEEZA team before it is mailed back out to the recipient. We will not mail out until we have confirmed and verified receipt of both parties merchandise. This way we are certain trade items from both parties have been received. In the event we have only received mail from 1 party and we have confirmed the second party is unwilling to send their side of the merchandise, the mail will be returned back to the original sender.